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Welcome to Big Butt BBQ
Providing BBQ Catering in Charlotte, NC, and beyond!

About Us
Alex Ranucci BBQ ribs tailgate

Offering BBQ catering throughout the Greater Charlotte area. With our proven Award-Winning pulled pork BBQ, Big Butt BBQ brings that something special to your party or event. On-site buffet? Yes, we do that! Whole hog pig picking? Oh yeah, you've come to the right place! Looking for something more refined, maybe a half 'que / half traditional menu? We've got you covered! Want to wow your guests and have them served from a food truck? How fun is that? We’re on it!  

It’s always a personal experience when we are on-site to hand-pull your pork and give your guests a true experience. That’s what it’s all about!



Big Butt BBQ Catering is unique. We are hands-on and strive to make your catering an experience. Sure, we offer drop-off catering, but in most cases We stay and hand-pull your pork to ensure you’re getting the freshest product possible!


We interact with your guests, answering questions, making them laugh, even sneaking them a tasty morsel if they happen to be standing by at the right time!

Alex Ranucci Whole hog catering
Food Truck
Ranucci's Big Butt BBQ Food Truck Sunset

The Big Butt BBQ Food Truck

Not Your Average BBQ Food Truck...

Ranucci's Big Butt BBQ Porkasaurus

That’s right, Big Butt BBQ brings their special twist on BBQ right to you. Fan favorites include our Original Porkasaurus and the succulent Memphis Belle (pulled chicken topped with smoked gouda and homemade apple slaw). YUM! 


These staples, along with other unique BBQ creations, will be available wherever we set up shop. 

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