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The possibilities are endless!! 

Alex Ranucci BBQ Catering

Big Butt BBQ has been at it since 2005 offering personal catering experience, not to mention several grand championships.

Ranucci's BBQ Catering Buffet
On-Site Buffet
Drop-off Catering

Full Service Barbecue Catering includes buffet set up, table cloths, and clean up of the service area. Our professional staff will deliver and set up the buffet, pull the meat and serve it to your guests. You just sit back and enjoy! For larger venues we also will bring the smoker for that extra wow factor for your guests.

Got something smaller scale in mind? We can do a drop-off where we come and set up wire rack chafers with your food items piping hot and ready for your guests. 

Alex Ranucci BBQ Ribs Catering
BBQ Catering

We pride ourselves on providing competition quality BBQ for you and your guests. All catering BBQ is smoked specifically for you and your event. No detail is left unattended. It is our goal to win you over in this highly competitive BBQ world and we are not satisfied unless you are left craving this as your favorite BBQ!

Ranucci's Catering caprese
Beyond BBQ Catering

Big Butt BBQ also offers an expanded menu, including many options for heavy hors d'oeuvres, main dishes or sides. Got something in mind? Just ask and we will do our best to make it happen for you. This is ideal for weddings and upscale venues... you can mix-and-match your menu with BBQ as well as Italian roasted chicken and fresh garden salad. 

Food Truck Catering

Full Service Barbecue Catering right from the Food Truck window! Your guests will have a set pre-paid menu that you select to choose from. We just pull up and open the window, no need for buffet set up or clean up - we serve directly to your guests from the truck!

Ranucci's BBQ Whole Hog Catering
Whole Hog Catering

Whole Hog parties have become very popular and a more common request. Upon request, We will bring the hog and display it on your buffet with full garnish - get ready for the photo opps! When it is time to serve, our pit master will pull the pork right from the hog and serve your guests. It really is a special and unique way to do something different and delicious - an unforgettable, memorable event

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