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Food Truck Menu

(subject to change)


All come with choice of 1 side.


Pulled Pork – 9.00

Our award-winning pork is dry-rubbed, injected and smoked for over 12 hours with hickory and apple woods. Hand-pulled and served on a soft roll.


Pulled Chicken – 9.00

House-smoked chicken breast, hand-pulled and served on a soft roll. 


Porkasaurus – 10.00

We like to call this the Trifecta of pork. Smoked ham topped with pepper jack cheese topped with pulled pork and finished with crispy bacon on a soft roll.


Southern Belle – 10.00

Pulled chicken topped with smoked gouda, bbq sauce and Granny Smith apple slaw on a soft roll. 



Plates come with choice of 2 sides. No Bun*.

*(add bun for .25)

Pulled Pork Plate – 12.00

Pulled Chicken Plate – 12.00


 2.00 each



Baked Beans

Our 3-bean mix with BBQ sauce, sausage & spices


(subject to change)

Assorted Bagged Chips

1.00 each

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