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Alex Ranucci BBQ Catering
Alex, Ed and Mila Ranucci BBQ Awards

How did those Italian boys get so good at BBQ anyway?

So, you are wondering how we got wrapped up in the whole bbq scene with a name like Ranucci's? Well, we love to cook, everyone knows Italians love to cook! And when Alex relocated from upstate New York (Binghamton) it was just natural that the local cuisine would begin to influence his cooking. He began experimenting with ribs and then perfecting his sauce until whallah - we knew we were on to something!

Meanwhile Ed Ranucci, Alex's dad had started catering back in New York and caught the BBQ bug from Alex... prompting him to purchase a beautiful Diamond Plate smoker to start integrating pulled pork and ribs into his menu. Of course he had to drive down south to Charlotte to pick up the smoker and just so happened that the Barbecues Galore at the Arboretum was having the Rib-a-licious Cook-Off with John Henry that weekend. It simply made sense to break in the new smoker and test it out at the competition. And low and behold - we took FIRST PLACE IN RIBS!

Well, that was it, we were hooked! No turning back now. Alex went and got himself a Diamond Plate Fat 50, and now Ranucci's Big Butt BBQ continues to grow it's list of awards and successful catering in the Greater Charlotte area.

Ranucci's Big Butt BBQ Award Winners
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